Prime Time Women-preneurs

Lies, Distortions and Deceptions about “Older Women”

I’m a “Prime Time Woman-preneur”

I have a business coaching practice, officing out of my home. Most of my daily interactions are coaching calls with my clients, email conversations, texts or Facebook posts. I’m limited in my ability to network and/or travel to conferences since my husband has Alzheimer’s Disease. So I needed another way to be able to connect and communicate with other business women in my age group and stage of life. I wanted to be part of a community of like-minded women who still want to pursue their dreams and who still want to have successful businesses even if they are in their 70’s or 80’s!

I’ve searched the web for sites that would:

  • be geared towards business women who are in their late 50’s and older, empty nesters and, if married, their husbands are retired
  • talk about small business concerns and how to solve them
  • have stories about “every day Prime Time Women-preneurs” to hear about how they got started, what they learned and what advice they have
  • NOT be about mega stars or mega businesses
  • give insider tips on how to manage our precious time between business and our families and be more productive without working harder
  • provide marketing advice and information especially for small or micro businesses
  • write about business strategies, tips, information, and how-to’s to use in our business so it can run smoothly, makes a nice profit and fits into the lifestyle we want to have
  • discuss finance and how it relates to our situation as “older” women and our financial futures
  • focus on how to have a successful, profitable, niche-style business especially for women 50 and over
  • arm us with mindset and motivational strategies that work for us
  • and, finally, not talk about beauty, sex, make-up and fashion!


Needless to say, I didn’t find one website (as of yet) that met all of the above criteria. Yes, there are sites for business women – but not older women in particular… or they talk about having super big businesses or tout mega star women business owners or corporate officers … or they mainly talk about beauty, sex, make-up and fashion. I don’t have anything against this type of content – it’s just not what I would like to see and be part of. So I decided to create my own website to serve women like me: Prime Time Women-preneurs.

“Prime Time Women-preneurs” are in a different phase of their lives.

Some would say we’re entering our “second act” or the second half of our lives. When we look forward, there are less years ahead than what are behind us. So, our priorities have changed. Our viewpoints about life’s meaning are different. There’s a greater urge to make sure we made a difference – with our families, children and friends or with our businesses or with contributions to our communities. We want to know that we’ve made our “mark” that added a bit of good in this world somehow, in some way.

Lies, Distortions and Deceptions

I feel, because we’re entering into our “Prime Time” years, we as women-preneurs shouldn’t be trapped by all the lies, distortions and deceptions about what makes a successful business and life. I’m tired of hearing all the hype about it’s better to have a multimillion-dollar business; better to be a top producer, top leader; better to have a top selling product or service.

The push to have multi-millions of dollars in sales and huge business organizations is NOT the “be all and end all” of what we should be trying for. It’s a big distortion.

We all know, deep down, that it isn’t really better. And we likely wouldn’t be willing to spend the time we have left to do so.   And, that’s okay!

Nor do we have to be sucked into accepting the idea we’re too old and as such have nothing to offer to our world. That’s a big fat lie, too.

Just because we’re “older” in years, doesn’t mean we’re “older” physically, mentally, spiritually or energetically! I, for one, still have a burning desire to continue on with my business. I still want to contribute my wisdom and insights that may help other women experience a dream coming true. I still want to learn new things. I still want to undertake challenges to see if I can achieve a personal best. I still want to feel the exhilaration of a successful venture.

Instead of accepting societal “deceptions” as truths, we need to look at what we REALLY want to be, do, have and experience during our remaining years. One way to do that is to re-evaluate how we assess our businesses. Instead of viewing them as a drain, why not look at our businesses as a tremendous, fantastic vehicle that’ll give us the lifestyle, financial stability and the meaning we want for the rest of our lives.

Success Re-defined

Success must be re-defined, re-thought and re-framed to fit into our world. Success for prime-time women-preneurs could be re-defined as women who:

  • contributed their gifts and talents to the world on their own terms;
  • generated a comfortable income that affords them to do the things they always wanted to do;
  • built a secure financial future for themselves; and, perhaps,
  • leave a legacy for their kids or for a favorite cause.

This is our time!

We’re not too old to make a contribution to the world, making it a better place. In fact, we have a treasure trove of wisdom, experience and knowledge to give through our businesses and be rewarded for the value we offer.

BUT, we need to wake up to these facts …

And at the same time, we must be aware of our current and future financial situation. We’ve been “sold a bill of distorted goods” when we were young girls and young women. We were told when we married, our husbands will take care of us for the rest of our lives. The facts are this ain’t true! Here’s a list of what we’re facing:

  • 47% of women over the age of 50 are single i.e. – never married, divorced or widowed.
  • Women’s retirement income is about a quarter of men’s due to several factors –
    • Being in the workforce 14.7 years less than men (because of raising families, taking care of elderly parents, etc.);
    • Earning lower salaries than most men.
  • In the first year of divorce, a woman’s standard of living drops an average of 73%.
  • A baby boomer woman can expect to outlive her husband by 15-20 years on average.
  • Of the elderly living in poverty,
    • 3 out of 4 are women;
    • 80% of the women were not poor when their husbands were alive.
    • Approximately 7 out of 10 women will at some time live in poverty.
  • 90% of all women will have sole responsibility for their finances within their lifetimes … yet 79% of all women have not planned for this.
  • 58% of baby boomer women have less than $10,000 in retirement savings; and
  • It’s estimated that only 20% of baby boomer women will be financially secure in their retirement.

What these statistics are telling us is that we, as prime time women, can no longer depend on someone or some organization to take care of us when we’re older or when we retire. We must take control of our finances and stop believing in the fairy tales we were told when growing up. Ladies, there is no prince charming coming to our rescue.

It’s time to take control of our own destinies

My hope for this website is to give you, a prime time woman-preneur, the inspiration to create your financial independence and secure future through the vehicle of building a successful, lifestyle business that you can have for many years. So I’ll have articles, podcast interviews, videos, and other information that will provide you with resources to do exactly that! My main emphasis will be on:

  • Developing and keeping a mindset of self-efficacy
  • Employing effective marketing strategies and tactics
  • Using productivity hacks in order to have more playtime and fun
  • Managing your perception about time
  • Interviewing women-preneurs about how they started, mistakes to avoid, successes to repeat
  • Implementing “do-it-now” action planning for bringing your long, lost dreams into reality
  • Growing your money skills
  • and much, much more!

Your Next Success Steps

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